What people are saying

What is interesting to me is the complexity of the concepts it teaches. For example, the complexity of common sense is huge, but you break it down and make it workable for kids, i.e. problem-solving. The program is actually teaching the kids life skills. I seem immense possibilities to extend this.
— Kimberly Barwich, Program Director, Burnaby Neighbourhood House
You are offering a really rich program. Because of the horses and the instruction, you are helping kids succeed and function at a higher level.
— John Nanson, Burnaby School District
The program feels like medicine to us. Each week it is a beautiful experience. You guys are doing an amazing, amazing job.
— Tashina Lewis, Urban Native Youth Association
It is an excellent program. The tone and demeanor of the facilitators is great. The content of social / emotional learning is very high. The program is a great benefit, it allows the kids to flourish.
— Jes Colorini, Program Coordinator, Burnaby Equestrian Centre
The opportunity to be with the horses and do self-development and reflect on our experiences is very important. I’ve seen real changes in the youth who come out regularly - an ability to do new things and learn to work in teams.
— Tashina Lewis, Urban Native Youth Association
We are excited to be involved. This project gives many of our Indigenous youth the opportunity to connect with animals and nature in ways that are culturally healing. I believe there are tremendous benefits to this initiative.
— Cheryl Robinson, A/Executive Director, Urban Native Youth Association
I am so impressed with what you are doing! As a parent, I know first hand how helpful horses can be for a young person’s development, and you are bringing this to youth who would not otherwise have access.
— Barbara Grantham, President and CEO, UBC and VGH Hospital Foundation
Its enjoyable to learn with the horses.
— Youth participant
You get to have honesty with the horses.
— Youth participant
The Diamond Foundation is proud to support the Urban Horse Project, a unique program designed to promote emotional growth, social skills and resiliency in youth. A horse-lover myself, I understand the powerful ability these animals have to heal and positively impact human lives.
— Jill Diamond, Executive Director, Diamond Foundation
I can see it is building their (the youth’s) confidence. They say it does help with other things in life, like negotiation. Brushing the horses also helps them.
— Melissa Lewis, Urban Native Youth Association
The Urban Horse Project gives urban youth unique access to empowered healing and growth through experiential learning. We are grateful for this program, as it fills a gap in desperately needed services for the youth and families we work with in Vancouver.
— Jen Donovan, Youth Addictions and Prevention Services, Vancouver Coastal Health