Our team

Urban Horse Project is a community of energetic experienced people and organizations, dedicated to solving complex problems with positive, community-driven solutions. We are inspired by the idea of bringing the power and magic of horses to benefit urban youth and families. 

Our staff

We are a passionate team committed to providing high quality, engaging and empowering community programs. Our combined experience, love of horses, and training as Equine Assisted Learning facilitators enables us to provide positive impacts through our learning with horses programs. 

Executive Director Nancy McRitchie

Program Facilitator Joanne Hudson

Program Facilitator Deborah Bell

Program Facilitator Christopher Holmes

Program Facilitator Rae-Anne LeBrun

Program Facilitator Darcy Campbell

Our horses

We are fortunate to work with amazing older and experienced horses who are calm, kind and patient.  Our horses live in a herd environment in Langley. They come to our program arena on program days, thanks to their owner Darcy Campbell. 

Our board

President Jim Sinclair

Vice-President Joanne Hudson

Secretary Treasurer Corrie Garneau

Director Richard Yates

Director Trish Webb