You are offering a really rich program. Because of the horses and the instruction, you are helping kids succeed and function at a higher level.
— John Nanson, Burnaby School District

Empowering youth with horses

Urban Horse Project is a non-profit organization that understands the incredible impact horses can have on people. We empower youth who are living in the city by bringing exciting, beneficial horse programs into Metro Vancouver. 


Youth need connection with the natural world


Urban youth have limited access to animals and nature. In our increasingly busy and stressful cities, many youth face health issues, social isolation and gaps in life skills.  We help address these issues with horse programs that have been shown to reduce anxiety, improve wellness, and increase skills and confidence.

Ours is a recognized program new to Metro Vancouver

We are excited to work with Cartier Farms and their Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program. We are first in Metro Vancouver offering this well-researched, leading-edge, objectives-driven program. Equine assisted learning engages people in hands-on activities with horses to promote self-discovery, and build their skills and resiliency.


Watch our video to learn about Urban Horse Project's work. 

Youth discovering themselves through horses

Youth in our program develop their strengths and abilities. Through working with our horses and each other in our training activities and then reflecting on the experiences and accomplishments, youth increase their confidence and their communication, teamwork and leadership skills. There is no riding involved. 

Our horses are experienced and calm. They enjoy interacting with the youth. For many of the youth we work with, our program is their only opportunity to interact with horses or any animals. 

If children do not connect with nature, they will not defend it.
— George Monbiot, The Guardian

How you can help

We need your support, resources and money to make this work. We're looking for space, other good horses, your expertise and more. By donating to Urban Horse Project, you are helping youth unlock their potential and improve their lives. 

There are several ways you can help:  Donate money. Share your skills and connections. Propose a program partnership. Endorse and promote our initiative.  We are looking for like- minded organizations and people, we can't do this alone.