If you truly understand horses and how they live in the herd, you can understand why our program works.
— Gayle Cartier, Cartier Farms EAL

Horses are large, powerful animals that inspire our presence and attention. Horses have a unique ability to connect and respond to humans and have done so for thousands of years. 

We work with horses, trained facilitators and the Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning model in a proven program to increase well-being, self-awareness, confidence and important life skills. 

About horses

In a horse's world, teamwork is expected and respected. To survive in the wild, as prey animals, horses must work together. Horses look out for the safety and well-being of the herd and all its members. 

Horses are very social, sensitive and aware of their surroundings. Horses are quick to react. They easily recognize the difference between non-threatening, calm energy and tense or anxious energy. Their responses help us become more self-aware. 

To feel safe, horses look for and appreciate strong leadership. Horses are willing to follow only after they find confidence, trust and respect. Working with horses increases leadership skills. 

Horses live in the present moment, and always respond honestly. Horses don't judge, and they can't overthink. They appreciate clear boundaries and rules. Horses tend to be kind and forgiving. 

Horses have easy to read body language that we can learn, and learn from. By their intuitive nature, horses can provide insight into our personality and energy. They reward improvements in our communication and leadership skills with immediate, positive feedback. 

The calm nature of the horses is very important to the youth we bring.
— Jes Colorini, Burnaby Neighbourhood House