The opportunity to be with the horses and do self-development and reflect on our experiences is very important. I’ve seen real changes in the youth who come out regularly — an ability to do new things and learn to work in teams.
— Tashina Lewis, Urban Native Youth Association

Safe exercises with horses as teachers

Horses are exceptional teachers. Their sensitive nature, awareness of their surroundings, and ability to read body language allows them to discern and respond to different approaches and energy. The hands-on activities with the horses, supported by our facilitators, provide unique and effective learning experiences. 

Everyone can learn with horses

Urban Horse Project's Learning with Horses programs help people discover new ways to communicate and cooperate. This way of teaching goes beyond handling horses to a way to teach critical thinking, empathy and boundaries. 

Our program is based on the award-winning Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning model and curriculum. Programs are delivered as a series of weekly training activities that each build on the learnings of prior weeks. Groups of up to ten youth participate each time for 1.25 hours, with five horses and several facilitators supporting their learning. 

Equine assisted learning works with people of all backgrounds and abilities. Previous horse experience or confidence with horses is not a requirement! No riding is involved. We focus on being with the horses, grooming them, observing them, leading them in activities and learning about ourselves as part of a team.