Willy (the horse) and I looked each other in the eye and I knew that he liked me.
— youth participant, on first visit

Horses help youth connect with themselves

Interacting with horses can truly help humans heal, learn and develop. Urban Horse Project is bringing horses to Metro Vancouver youth because of these needed, positive effects. We are using the proven, effective Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning model.

The benefits

Connection with nature and animals improves wellness, curiosity and empathy. It also increases caring about the natural world.

Interacting and leading horses builds confidence and self esteem. Many people are initially nervous around these large animals.

Improved life-skills such as communication and teamwork builds self-awareness and the chance for success in all aspects of life.

Supportive, positive experiences with horses and caring adults improves resiliency. Youth feel valued and safe.

What the research says